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VUSE ePen 3 Device Kit

VUSE ePen 3 Device Kit

Discover the upgraded Vuse ePen - our ergonomically designed device with a faster charging*

A metallic soft-touch finish, keeping the compact and easy to use features from Vype ePen 3.

The Vuse ePen not only offers an enhanced design but also includes a fast charge in 50 minutes** and improved LED battery indication to show battery charge status after each puff.



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Pods that fit your ePen

Vuse ePen pods come in a variety of different flavours and nicotine strengths to enjoy with your ePen device.

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Key features

  • Fast charge

    100% battery in 90 minutes and 80% battery charge in 50 minutes

  • Easy click pods

    Battery indication post puff at Full, Medium and low charge

  • Battery indication

    Metallic soft touch finish

  • Enhanced Liquid Visibility

    You can use Vype ePen and ePod cartridges in Vuse devices

  • Enhanced design

  • Compatible with Vype

What's in the box

  • Vuse ePen device

  • Micro USB Charger

  • User Guide

    Please read before use


Follow the instructions in the leaflet that came with your Vuse ePen. See below for some main information.
• Only use Vuse charging accessories, like the ones in your starter kit.
• Only use Vuse ePen cartridges.
• Keep your Vuse ePen, charging accessories and cartridges dry to prevent damage.
• Store your ePen between 0–25°C.

Use a dry cloth. Keep liquid away from the battery. You can use wet wipes, anti-bacterial or baby wipes to clean the tip.

1. Attach the supplied USB charging cable to the micro USB port on the base of the Vuse ePen device.

2. Connect the other end of the USB charging cable to the SS (Superspeed) USB port of a computer or a compatible wall, or car charger (full fast charging requires minimum 1.5A charger).

3. When charging, the LED on the Vuse ePen will show the following indicator light, depending on its battery level:

Pulsing Red: Your device is less than 10% charged.
Solid Red: Your battery device is less than 85% charged.
Green: Your device is between 85% and 100% charged.

4. When your Vuse ePen device has reached full charge, it will switch off.

5. Disconnect the USB cable, switch it on with three rapid clicks of the button and enjoy your Vuse ePen device.

Other considerations for your battery:

It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge your Vuse ePen battery from flat. Your Vuse ePen battery may run out before the Vuse ePen pod is finished. So do not automatically discard the pod when charging the battery. There may still be e-liquid in it. The device will automatically stop charging your Vuse ePen battery after about three hours. The device has a protection function for overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and over discharge.

A fully charged Vuse ePen should give you about 200 puffs (based on Vuse testing), but it may vary depending on your own personal vaping behaviour.

It could be one of several safety, or battery-related, reasons:
• Vuse ePen automatically shuts down after 10 minutes of inactivity. Press the button 3 times in quick succession to reactivate your ePen.
• Your Vuse ePen may need charging.
• You may need to change your Vuse ePen cartridge.
• Dirt might be blocking the connection between the device and the cartridge. Just clean it with a dry cloth.

Please contact customer service if above suggestions do not solve the problem.

It could be one of several safety, or battery-related, reasons:
• Vuse ePen has a 10-minute inactivity shutdown system.
• Your Vuse ePen may need charging.
• Your Vuse ePen has an auto shutdown after 8 seconds of continuous puffing.

It’s etched onto the base of the housing where the cartridge sits. Quote this code when contacting your Vuse Care team.

A well-maintained, regularly used Vuse ePen is designed to last at least 12 months. But this may vary, depending on your own personal vaping behaviour. After 12 months, battery efficiency deteriorates due to repeated charges, which is common for all Lithium-ion batteries. Keep your Vuse ePen battery charged to maintain the battery life.

• When it stops producing vapour.
• When the taste or quality of the vapour deteriorates.
• When you see that the e-Liquid in the cartridge is all gone.

Your Vuse ePen should last for about 300 full charge/discharge cycles (subject to proper use and regular maintenance), before battery efficiency begins to deteriorate. This is common with all Lithium-ion batteries but will depend on your own personal vaping behaviour.

After this period, you can still use your Vuse ePen device, but you might need to charge it more frequently. Keep your Vuse ePen battery fully charged to maintain the battery life.

Vuse ePen comes partly charged. You should fully charge your pack (approximately 80 minutes) before you use it. See the leaflet for full instructions.

The Vuse ePen has 6-watt battery power and 650mAh battery capacity.

They are the same device. The ePen Nic Salts Starter kit contains Nic Salts flavour cartridges formulated with nicotine salts, which occur naturally in the tobacco leaves.

Yes, both standard and Nic Salts cartridges can be used on the ePen device. Browse our full range of ePen pods here.

The ePen device will confirm that the cartridge is empty off by flashing the white LED three times.

Take your pick from 7 Nic Salts flavours for the ePen. Available in 3 nicotine strengths. Browse all our ePen nic salts refill pods here.

To confirm whether your Vuse ePen is on or off, press the button once. If the device is on, the LED will illuminate for three seconds. If the device is off the LED will not illuminate.

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