Standard Delivery Included on All Orders
Quality Assurance
Our Best Prices Online
Standard Delivery Included on All Orders
Quality Assurance
Our Best Prices Online
  • Flexibility

    Pause, upgrade or change your flavours at any point. You’ve got total control. You can also cancel your subscription at any point in time.

  • Convenience

    Save time and effort with free delivery straight to your door each month.

  • Devices

    You have the option to choose a Vuse Pro device every six months at no additional cost.

  • Savings

    There are 3 levels of subscriptions with varying amounts of discount to choose from based on your consumption.

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choose your device

Vuse Pro Pods

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Vuse Pro Pods

Vuse ePod pods, formerly known as ePod cartridges come in a variety of different flavours and nicotine strengths to enjoy with your device. These Vuse ePod refills come in a range of flavours from Golden Tobacco to Garden Strawberry.



Save €1.50 / pack

5-9 packs per month
for €5.50 / pack


Save €2.00 / pack

10-14 packs per month
for €5.00 / pack


Save €2.50 / pack

15+ packs per month
for €4.50 / pack


It's easy. Log into your account, go to My Account, click on My Subscriptions, then View All Subscriptions. Scroll down to find the subscription you'd like to cancel and click on Cancel Subscription (located at the bottom of the panel, beneath your delivery address). If you have more than one subscription, you will need to do the same for any others you'd like to cancel. You also have the option to pause your vape subscription, rather than cancel, or simply skip one month's delivery, if that works better for you.

Yes, you can change the number of cartridges and you can remove a flavour entirely, as long as you are still ordering enough cartridges to qualify for a subscription plan. You can also update the order date, your address and payment details. You can make these changes by logging in to your account and selecting 'Manage Subscriptions' or alternatively by contacting Customer Services.

Under normal conditions, you should expect your first delivery 2-5 working days after you place your order. Your subsequent deliveries will arrive at monthly intervals thereafter.

Absolutely. Under My Account, My Subscriptions, you have the option to either skip one delivery or pause your subscription, to restart at a later time.

Subscriptions are delivered using our standard delivery, which is 2-5 working days. Delivery is included as part of your subscription cost. See our standard delivery terms and conditions.

Yes, all products available within our subscription package can be purchased individually.

We accept credit and debit cards, and process payments via WorldPay. We do not accept PayPal.

Your subscription includes a new device every six orders. When your subscription becomes eligible for a new device, you will receive an email guiding you to the website and providing you with a unique code. Use the code at check out to claim your device at no additional cost.