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How to Choose a Nicotine Strength How to Choose a Nicotine Strength

How to Choose a Nicotine Strength

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Adult nicotine consumers who choose vaping can also choose from a wide range of e-liquids, with many flavours and – more importantly – nicotine strengths. But what do we mean when we talk about nicotine ‘strengths’, and how do you know which to choose?

In this guide, we’ll explore the nicotine strengths available in e-liquid and help you decide which suits your vaping preferences.


What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a chemical compound found in plants, including the tobacco plant. It’s also a stimulant and the psychoactive ingredient in cigarettes. Vapes, e-liquids and other products provide adults with nicotine without the tobacco found in cigarettes*.

The nicotine found in vapes comes from an e-liquid, either pre-loaded or manually filled by the user. When the device is activated, e-liquid is rapidly heated and transformed into nicotine-containing vapour, taken in when the consumer inhales.


What do the numbers on bottles of e-liquid mean?

The amount of nicotine in e-liquids is clearly displayed through numbers on the bottle or cartridge. Nicotine strength is measured in milligrams (mg), which means the numbers on the package can be anything from 0mg (nicotine-free) to 20mg (high-concentration of nicotine).

Most e-liquids contain the same essential ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavourings. The amounts of these differ from product to product, including nicotine concentration.

E-liquids contain different nicotine concentrations to cater to adult nicotine consumers with different preferences.


0mg nicotine e-liquid

Vuse ePods are available nicotine-free.

3mg nicotine e-liquid

3mg e-liquid is one of the lowest strengths available and is suitable for light nicotine consumers. Vuse ePods are available in 3mg nicotine strengths.

6mg nicotine e-liquid

6mg e-liquid is relatively low strength and can be compared to smoking fewer than 10 cigarettes daily. Vuse ePods are available with 6mg of nicotine.

10mg nicotine e-liquid

10mg of nicotine is often suitable for smokers who are used to smoking between 10 and 20 cigarettes daily. Vuse Go 700 comes in a 10mg nicotine strength.

12mg nicotine e-liquid

Another medium-strength e-liquid, 12mg nicotine strength, is available in various flavours of Vuse ePod.

18mg nicotine e-liquid

18mg is a high nicotine-strength e-liquid, suitable for heavy smokers who smoke more than 20 cigarettes daily. Vuse ePods are available in 18mg nicotine strength options.

20mg nicotine e-liquid

20mg is one of the highest nicotine strengths, suiting heavy smokers who consume more than a pack daily. Vuse Go devices are available in 20mg nicotine options in various flavours.



How much nicotine do I choose?

The nicotine strength you choose is down to your preference and previous nicotine consumption. If you’re unsure, it’s helpful to understand how different cigarettes’ nicotine strengths translate into e-liquids. Knowing how e-liquid and cigarette nicotine strengths compare means you can match, increase or decrease your consumption, depending on what you want.

10mg, 6mg and 3mg e-liquid strengths are suitable for light smokers of light to medium cigarettes.

Explore Vuse e-liquid strengths and flavours

Landed on the most suitable nicotine strength? It’s time to pick your flavour. Vuse ePods and disposable vapes are available in various flavours to suit different tastes, including fruit, mint and tobacco.

* These products are not risk-free and contain nicotine, an addictive substance.