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Travel Tips for Vaping Abroad Travel Tips for Vaping Abroad

Travel Tips for Vaping Abroad

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The regulations surrounding vaping, smoking cigarettes and the use of tobacco products in public places vary nationwide. This guide will look at the rules in some popular destinations, plus advice about where one can and cannot vape while on holiday. Additionally, this article will provide tips for taking care of electronic cigarettes abroad for a hassle-free vaping experience.

Vaping regulations abroad

As vapes are still a relatively new concept, it is understandable that the laws on their use in public places are constantly changing. It's wise to investigate the local laws you are travelling to before arriving. In Ireland, vaping is not currently banned in public places. However, other countries have more strict regulations.

Learn more about vaping at the airport and on planes in our guide.

Where is vaping banned?

In some areas, the sale and use of e-cigarettes is completely prohibited. These places include The penalty for vaping will depend on the country you are in.

Can you vape in Spain?

In Spain, laws are similar to those of Ireland. It would be advised to use available smoking areas in bars, restaurants and other venues for vaping, while vaping in trains, airports and children's playgrounds is not permitted. If in doubt, it’s advised to check the local rules on vaping.

Can you vape in France?

France is due to implement a ban on disposable vapes as part of its national anti-smoking plan. Vaping in public places such as museums, restaurants, cafés and venues is also prohibited.

Can you vape in Italy?

Vaping is legal in Italy, with different vaping products such as devices and refills available for purchase. However, vaping is not allowed in schools, public buildings and workplaces.

Vaping at the airport and on planes

Travellers with Vuse devices should keep these in their carry on luggage. It is essential to ensure the device is powered off and packed safely, as it cannot be taken in checked baggage. E-liquid refills are part of the liquid allowance when travelling through security, meaning they should be placed in a clear plastic bag for scanning. Vaping on planes is prohibited by all airlines.

Vaping rules on public transport

Vaping is prohibited on all Irish buses, trains, trams and public transport stations. If you wish to vape, go to the smoking area or move away from the station to an open area. In other countries, make sure to check the laws in the area before using a device on public transport.

Vaping in hotels

When staying in a hotel, either in Ireland or abroad, abide by the hotel's rules regarding smoking and vaping. Treat your device like a cigarette if there are no specific vaping rules. This usually means not using it inside unless in designated smoking areas, which can be requested in advance if the hotel offers.

Vaping by the pool

Unless you are visiting a country with a ban on vaping, you should be able to vape by an outdoor pool. Note that direct sunlight can potentially damage the vape.

What happens if you drop a vape in water?

Dropping a vape into a pool can end its life, as water can damage the coil and prevent it from heating correctly. If this happens, it is a good idea to remove it immediately and dry it in the shade. It is unlikely to work again, so it is best to have a backup device when using one by the pool.

Can the sun overheat a vape battery?

Yes, direct sunlight can harm your vape, so keep it away from direct sunlight. This could mean placing it in a case or storing it in a bag when not in use. Too much exposure to direct sunlight can cause the battery to overheat and fail.

Vaping at the beach

Vaping is usually allowed on public beaches. However, it is best to check for no-smoking signs when arriving.

Vape travel checklist

When travelling, it is essential to pack your vape along with few things to ensure it doesn't become an issue:

Vape travel tips

Before travelling and packing your vape, make sure: you have read our vape travel tips.

These include

  • checking the vaping laws in the destination country
  • researching the airline's policies for carrying vapes and e-liquids in your hand luggage
  • asking for a vape-friendly room at the accommodation
  • packing devices and e-liquids securely
  • bringing additional e-liquid refills (you may not be able to buy them locally)

Vaping with Vuse

Planning your next vacation? Whether you’re planning to take your Vuse Pro device kit, Vuse Epen, Vuse Etank Mini or a Vuse GO disposable vapes, choose nicotine strengths and flavours that suit you.

* These products are not risk-free and contain nicotine, an addictive substance.