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Your Indoor Vaping Guide Your Indoor Vaping Guide

Your Indoor Vaping Guide

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Vaping is a relatively modern way for adult nicotine consumers to access nicotine without tobacco*. While many in Ireland choose to vape, some are also confused about the differences between smoking and activating vape devices indoors.

The Irish government introduced the first national legislation banning smoking indoors in 2004. This covered workplaces, bars, restaurants and other enclosed public spaces. But how does Irish law treat vaping? In this guide, we’ll outline Ireland’s indoor vaping rules so you can understand where you can and can’t vape inside.

IE vaping laws – is vaping legal indoors?

Smoking indoors has been illegal in Ireland since 2004, but how does vaping compare?

The Irish Government is currently debating the Public Health (Nicotine and Inhaling Products) Bill, which will make it illegal to sell vapes to under 18s. Many retailers and producers, including Vuse, have a policy to not sell vapes to under 18s in place.

There are no laws about where you can vape in Ireland. However, that doesn’t mean you can vape wherever you want; businesses, organisations and venue owners decide whether indoor vaping policies apply to areas they have jurisdiction over.

So, ‘is it illegal to vape inside in Ireland?’ – no. But many restaurants, bars, venues and offices have bans on indoor vaping. Checking the rules where you are is essential; you might need to go to a designated outside area before activating your device.

Can you vape in public places in Ireland?

You can vape in some – but not all – indoor public places in Ireland. Businesses, organisations and individual venue owners decide the rules.

  • Pubs and bars: vaping rules in pubs and bars are left to the business owner’s discretion – many treat vaping like smoking, which means you’ll need to go to an outside area to vape.

  • Restaurants and cafés: Ireland has no specific laws around vaping in restaurants and cafés, but many businesses ban it inside, including outdoor dining areas.

  • Airports: vaping is generally banned in Irish airports, but some have areas where you can smoke inside the terminals, like Dublin Airport’s Garden Terrace Bar.

  • Cinemas: most Irish cinemas ban vaping indoors because vapour clouds might prevent others from enjoying the film.

  • Theatres: like cinemas, most theatres in Ireland ban indoor vaping, with vapour clouds potentially disturbing the audience.

  • Sports stadiums: some open-air sports stadiums have smoke-free policies that are extended to restrict vaping – check before attempting to vape in a stadium.

  • Music venues: while many Irish music venues ban vaping indoors and offer designated smoking areas, some smaller and independent establishments may have looser rules – as always, it’s best to check before you vape.

Can you vape at home?

Yes, you can vape inside your own home. Whether you do is up to you and anyone else you live with.

If you share your home, especially with non-vapers, be considerate and follow good vaping etiquette. That includes not vaping in somebody else’s personal space and being aware of chain vaping.

You should also be aware of the risks of vaping indoors. The vapour from devices can trigger some fire and heat alarms. It may also leave a residue on surfaces that needs extra attention when cleaning, which is especially important to consider if you rent your home.

Can you vape at work?

Vaping at work isn’t illegal in Ireland, but many employers have rules about where you can and can’t vape; these may apply whether you work inside or outside. If your workplace does allow vaping, always be considerate of your colleagues and practice good vaping etiquette.

If you’re an employer, it’s best to be clear about your workplace vaping rules. If you have workplace smoking rules, it’s even more important to be upfront about whether you treat vaping the same or differently.

Can you vape inside your car?

Yes, you can vape inside your or another person’s car, but it’s a good idea to check with the driver or vehicle owner if you’re a passenger. If you’re driving, keep your full attention on the road and don’t get distracted by vaping.

Can you vape inside a rented car? It’s best to check with the rental company or consult your policy documents before activating your device. Some Irish car rental companies prohibit smoking or have a no-smoking class of vehicles. It’s up to the company whether or not the same rules apply to vaping.


Indoor vaping etiquette

When vaping is allowed indoors, it’s still a good idea to be considerate of those around you and practice good vaping etiquette. That means following the rules and knowing how your behaviours affect others.

  • Ask people around you if they mind you vaping nearby.
  • Check with the home or vehicle owner before vaping in their space.
  • Avoid chain vaping so those around you don’t feel affected by it
  • Avoid vaping around children and under 18s.

Staying safe when vaping indoors

Before you vape indoors, there are a few final things to remember. These are the dos and don’ts of indoor vaping:

  • Don’t vape without permission (from the venue, home or vehicle owner).
  • Don’t chain vape around others.
  • Don’t leave vapes or e-liquids within the reach of children.
  • Do obey indoor vaping rules.
  • Do explore our frequently asked questions if you’re unsure.

* These products are not risk-free and contain nicotine, an addictive substance.