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A Travel Guide to Vaping Laws in Airports and on Planes A Travel Guide to Vaping Laws in Airports and on Planes

A Travel Guide to Vaping Laws in Airports and on Planes

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Travelling with your vape

While rules around smoking in Irish airports and on planes are well-known, the guidance around vaping can be a little less clear. Looking for more information about travelling with your vape device and refills? You’re in the right place. This guide includes the dos and don’ts of vaping in airports and on planes, covering popular airline and airport policies.

Can you take your vape on a plane?

Yes, but you can’t activate it on board the aircraft. Vape devices must be carried in hand luggage; they cannot go into the hold with your checked-in bags. Attempting to check a bag with a vape device inside can cause inconvenient delays.

Can you take e-liquid on a plane?

Yes. E-liquid is part of your liquid allowance and must follow the same rules as other liquids, creams and gels. It must be stored in a clear plastic bag in individual bottles or cartridges (ePods) of 100ml or less. You can legally bring a maximum of one litre (10 x 100ml bottles) per person. However, e-liquid isn’t available in such large volumes.

Always check the quantity of e-liquid you bring and factor in other liquids, such as toiletries and medicines, when deciding how much to carry.

Some airlines have specific rules around how much e-liquid passengers can travel with. We’ll explore these in a little more detail below.

Can you vape on a plane?

No, you cannot activate your vape device on a plane.

Can you use your vape in the airport?

Vaping is heavily restricted in Irish airports, with adult nicotine consumers asked to use designated smoking areas (usually outside the terminal buildings). Depending on where you travel, some destination countries might have different rules around indoor vaping. We recommend you check before you go to avoid awkward conversations or potential legal action in foreign countries.

Airline policies on vaping

If you know which airline you’re travelling with, check their policies around how many vapes and refills you can carry on your flight. No Irish airline permits vaping on board.

  • Ryanair. You can take vape devices on the plane but can’t use them; e-liquids are subject to regular liquid restrictions.

  • Aer Lingus. You can take up to 4 vape devices in your hand luggage per passenger, and e-liquids are subject to regular liquid restrictions.

  • CityJet. You can carry your vape device and spare e-liquids in your hand luggage, but vaping on CityJet planes is prohibited.

  • Emerald Airlines. Like other Irish airlines, Emerald lets passengers take vape devices on planes in hand luggage, but you can’t use them on board.

  • Aer Arann Islands. Vapes must be carried in hand luggage, and e-liquid refills are part of each passenger’s luggage allowance.

Always double-check policies with your airline before you travel, which may include regulations we haven’t listed.

You might also want to prepare for your time in the airport by checking its regulations around vaping, including where you can and can’t vape on the premises.

  • Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport has a smoking area in Terminal 1’s Garden Terrace Bar; this is the only place you can vape after security, with extra smoking and vaping areas outside terminal buildings.

  • Cork Airport. Vaping is only permitted in the designated smoking areas outside the terminal building.

  • Donegal Airport. Donegal Airport has no smoking areas, meaning you can only vape outside the terminal building.

  • Shannon Airport. Shannon is a smoke-free airport, so you can only vape outside the terminal in the designated location.

  • Kerry Airport. There’s no smoking or vaping in Kerry Airport, but you can vape outside the terminal.

International vaping etiquette

We’ve discussed Irish airport and airline vape policies, but it’s important to remember that the wider world is different. Vapes are a relatively new product; laws and attitudes can vary significantly from country to country.

It’s essential to familiarise yourself with the rules of where you’re going before you arrive. While vaping indoors is legal (but restricted by businesses, organisations and venue owners) in Ireland, other countries have their own legislation.

In places where vaping is less common, you may encounter unexpected responses to vaping in public and be asked questions about your vape products when passing through security. In some countries, the sale and use of vapes is banned.

To avoid tricky encounters, check the local vaping etiquette for your destination before leaving home. While it’s essential to follow Irish airport and airline rules in transit, it’s just as important to understand how they might differ when you arrive.

Looking after your vape abroad

Maintaining your vape device and e-liquid means avoiding direct sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures. This can be challenging when you’re away from home. Whether you’re enjoying a summer holiday or an alpine escape, consider where you’re storing your vape, keeping it safe inside a bag or pocket if the environment might damage it.

Learn more about vaping in Ireland and abroad in our ultimate guide to where you can vape.