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The Ultimate Guide to Where You Can Vape The Ultimate Guide to Where You Can Vape

The Ultimate Guide to Where You Can Vape

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Most nicotine consumers understand how the 2004 smoking legislation applies, banning smoking in workspaces and indoor public places in Ireland. But with millions of smokers trading cigarettes for tobacco-free* alternatives, like Vuse ePens and ePods, it’s normal to question where you can and can’t vape.

If you’ve transitioned from cigarettes to a vape device, it’s helpful to understand where you can and, importantly, can’t use your vape before taking it out in public.

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What are the vaping laws in Ireland?

Like cigarettes, it’s illegal for retailers to sell tobacco products or nicotine-inhaling products, including e-cigarettes or vapes, to anyone under 18.

However, there’s no national law in Ireland preventing the use of vapes in public places. Instead, businesses, organisations and individuals decide whether vaping restrictions apply to the public space they have jurisdiction over. That includes pubs, clubs and bars, restaurants and offices, airports and public transport; each is responsible for its rules.

Vapes are a relatively new option for nicotine consumers, so it’s not unusual to see laws and regulations updated regularly to maintain safety standards.

New vaping regulations in Ireland

In November 2022, the Irish government introduced new regulations around nicotine-inhaling products, including vapes and e-cigarettes. These new laws are part of the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine-Inhaling Products) Bill, designed to keep addictive substances away from those under 18.

New restrictions ban the sale of tobacco and nicotine-inhaling products in self-serve vending machines and temporary units, with suspension periods and fixed-penalty notices for offences. They also restrict the advertising of vapes and e-cigarettes in cinemas and near schools.

Important vaping etiquette

If you’re in a space where vaping is allowed, you can do a few things to stay considerate of others. Good vaping etiquette is about being aware of the people around you and how the vapour from your device might impact them.

You may want to adopt these straightforward habits to maintain good vaping etiquette:

  •  Ask the people around you (friends, family, colleagues or strangers) if they’re comfortable with your vaping.
  • Ensure everyone in a confined space (such as a workspace, vehicle or around a table) is okay with your vaping.
  • Always check with the property owner before vaping in somebody else’s home.

You may want to exercise restraint when using your vape around others so your friends, family or colleagues don’t feel constantly impacted by it.

Where you can and can’t vape

No laws ban vaping in public places in Ireland, but many businesses, organisations and individuals have implemented restrictions. If you aren’t sure of the rules, always ask yourself, ‘Where can I vape?’ before using your Vuse device indoors.

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Indoor areas

You might be wondering, ‘Is vaping indoors legal?’. While the 2004 smoking ban doesn’t apply to vapes, many indoor spaces adhere to the same rules. So while there’s no clear answer to whether vaping inside is allowed, you should never assume no restrictions apply.

Rules around vaping in indoor areas are in place out of consideration to others who may feel impacted by it.

  • Can I vape at work? Some workplaces allow vaping, but others have individual policies that may restrict you from doing so in the office. It’s helpful for employers to be clear about vaping rules in the office.
  • Can I vape at home? Yes, you can vape inside your house. Vaping at home is legal and a decision for you and anyone you live with. If you share your home, practice good vaping etiquette and speak to others about how it might impact them. If you rent your home, check with your landlord or refer to your tenancy agreement before vaping indoors.

Public spaces

There are no rules around vaping in outdoor public spaces in Ireland, including streets, squares, parks or gardens.

There’s no official legal guidance on whether vape devices can be used in indoor public spaces in Ireland. It’s up to individual owners, companies or organisations to decide.

Here’s an overview of common vaping restrictions in public spaces:

  • Pubs and bars. Sometimes permitted, but always check first.
  • Restaurants and cafés. Often restricted where food is served.
  • Cinemas. Most major cinemas have banned vaping indoors.

Public events

Rules can vary in public events spaces, especially between open-air and indoor venues. It helps to check the rules around vaping in stadiums or at concerts before you arrive.

Many major sports stadiums have banned vaping on their grounds, while smaller clubs generally have fewer restrictions.

Entertainment venues, including arenas and music halls, have generally introduced vaping bans. Owners often ask those wanting to vape to head to a dedicated smoking area. Rules around vaping at events may be laxer in independent venues.

Public transport

Can you vape on public transport? While there’s no law banning vapes on public transport in Ireland, most individual transport providers have introduced bans across their stations and services.

Individual public transport restrictions are typical in Ireland, which means vaping is treated like smoking in most train and bus stations, airports and on transport services. In most cases of vaping on trains and buses or in a restricted area, a staff member will ask you to stop and put your device away.

Vaping is also banned in airports and all commercial airlines, although there may be smoking areas in the airport where you can use your vape device.

Vaping with Vuse

Now you’re up to speed with where you can vape and where restrictions may apply, you might want to switch from cigarettes to vaping. Vuse e-cigarette devices include ePods, ePens and eTanks in different nicotine strengths and flavours that work for you.


*These products are not risk-free and contain nicotine, an addictive substance.