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Is Vaping Allowed in Sports Stadiums? Is Vaping Allowed in Sports Stadiums?

Is Vaping Allowed in Sports Stadiums?

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In 2004, Ireland prohibited smoking tobacco in any enclosed spaces, such as pubs, restaurants, workspaces, and those with a permanent or temporary cover. This has had a drastic effect on the smoking habits of the public. Cigarette smokers must move to areas expressly set aside for smoking, but how does this apply to those who vape?

Vaping and smoking tobacco have few similarities, one being that most products related to both contain nicotine (although there are nicotine-free alternatives, such as our nic-free iPod vape pods). Vaping does not involve burning tobacco or producing smoke, although the vapour produced by an e-cigarette may be mistaken for cigarette smoke from a distance. Moreover, the smell of the steam produced by e-cigarettes is not likely to be confused with the smell of cigarettes, pipes, or cigars.

Despite these differences, it's common to find the same rules applied to vaping and smoking in public spaces around Ireland. Keep reading to learn the regulations around vaping at sports stadiums, including football and rugby stadiums.


Can I vape in sports stadiums?

Unlike the ban on smoking, there is no Irish legislation prohibiting vaping in public spaces such as sports stadium. However, many event organizers and stadium owners impose similar regulations over the sports stadium they have jurisdiction over.

That means many sports stadiums in Ireland (indoor and open-air) have their own rules regarding vaping, with most treating vaping the same as smoking.


Can I vape in football stadiums?

The rules associated with smoking and vaping in stadiums and leagues can vary. At times, a given stadium or club might have designated areas for smoking or vaping, while in other instances, it might be entirely forbidden within the grounds. It's always best to consult the venue's or club's official website to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information on their regulations. Th, it is advised to contact the venue or club directly.

Keep reading to find out about smoking and vaping policies in some of the most known Irish Stadiums.


Can I vape at Croke Park?

Croke Park maintains a no-smoking and no-vaping rule in all its seated areas. Smokers and vapers are advised to utilize designated smoking areas throughout the stadium. These policies might be subject to change, so it is advisable to review the most recent information on the official website or contact the venue directly before attending an event. Following the regulations of Croke Park will ensure a pleasant experience for all guests, and it is essential to respect these policies when attending events at major venues like Croke Park.


Can I vape at Aviva Stadium?

The Aviva Stadium's website clarifies that no smoking is allowed in any part of the venue. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are included in this rule. However, specific areas adjacent to the stadium have been designated for smoking and the use of these devices on event days. These are the only places where these activities are allowed.


A final note on vaping in sports stadiums

At events such as football matches and other sports competitions in Ireland, e-cigarettes are limited to designated smoking areas or not permitted at all. To be sure, looking at the venue's website is recommended or asking the officials. We recommend only vaping in the specified smoking zones if you need more clarification.

Learn more about where you can vape in Ireland with our ultimate guide to where you can vape and follow the tips in our vaping etiquette guide for considerate vaping in public spaces. If you’re an adult nicotine consumer transitioning to vaping with Vuse, explore our vape devices online to find the most suitable device. Have more questions about vaping? Explore our FAQs page for all the answers you need.