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Is Vaping Allowed in The Workplace? Is Vaping Allowed in The Workplace?

Is Vaping Allowed in The Workplace?

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Many people in Ireland who consume nicotine turn to vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco products. This leads to questions about vaping while in the office or another workplace. In this article, we will discuss the issue of vaping in the workplace, including whether it is permitted and how to do it respectfully.

Can you vape at work?

In 2004, the Irish government issued a law prohibiting smoking in enclosed public areas, such as offices, educational institutions, public transport, restaurants and pubs. It does not matter if employers support the law; smoking in the workplace is against the law. However, regarding e-cigarettes or vaping, there is no legislation in Ireland; thus, it is the employer's prerogative to decide whether vapes are allowed on the premises.

Vaping policies in different workplaces

To determine whether vaping is allowed at your place of work, the only sure way to know for sure is to ask. More corporate businesses tend to have official policies, while smaller companies may be more lenient.

Depending on the type of workplace and the location, the employer might have more relaxed rules. Taking a break from work or moving away from colleagues when vaping is recommended, as it might not be appropriate to do so around clients or customers.

Therefore, it is best to consult your manager beforehand, as this could help to avoid uncomfortable conversations or disciplinary action.

Vaping etiquette at work

When vaping in the workplace, be mindful of those around you. It's good to check if your colleagues are okay with it before you start. If they are, try to vape away from non-vapers.

Alternatively, you can wait until lunchtime. If you can vape freely, opt for a pen-style device and an e-liquid with low VG content to reduce vapour clouds.
To learn more about being a courteous vaper, check out our guide to vaping etiquette.

Taking vape breaks at work

Before you do anything, ask your boss about their stance on smoking/vaping breaks while on the job.

Can I get in trouble for vaping at work?

If you have been instructed that vaping is not permitted in the workplace, disregarding these rules may have repercussions. While vaping at work is not illegal in Ireland, not following company guidelines can be deemed as misconduct or even gross misconduct and could lead to termination.

Since many need to become more familiar with e-cigarettes and how they work, managing them can be challenging. By being conscious of the regulations in your workplace and using the device responsibly, you can influence how vapes are perceived positively.

If you are interested in the places you can vape in Ireland, our indoor vaping guide and our ultimate guide to where you can vape have all the information you need. Additionally, if you are in the market for a new device, Vuse vape kits have many options.